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ADA 2010 Standards

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4.2 Space Allowance and Reach Ranges.

4.2.1* Wheelchair Passage Width
The minimum clear width for single wheelchair passage shall be 32 in (815 mm) at a point and 36 in (915 mm) continuously.

Minimum Clear Width for Single Wheelchair Maximum Doorway Depth



4.2.2 Width for Wheelchair Passing
The minimum width for two wheelchairs to pass is 60 in (1525 mm).

Minimum Clear Width for Two Wheelchairs

4.2.3* Wheelchair Turning Space
The space required for a wheelchair to make a 180-degree turn is a clear space of 60 in (1525 mm) diameter or a T-shaped space.

Wheelchair Turning Space

4.2.4* Clear Floor or Ground Space for Wheelchairs. Size and Approach
The minimum clear floor or ground space required to accommodate a single, stationary wheelchair and occupant is 30 in by 48 in (760 mm by 1220 mm).

Minimum Clear Floor Space for WheelchairsClear Floor Space

The minimum clear floor or ground space for wheelchairs may be positioned for forward or parallel approach to an object.

Forward ApproachParallel Approach

Clear floor or ground space for wheelchairs may be part of the knee space required under some objects. Relationship of Maneuvering Clearance to Wheelchair Spaces
One full unobstructed side of the clear floor or ground space for a wheelchair shall adjoin or overlap an accessible route or adjoin another wheelchair clear floor space. If a clear floor space is located in an alcove or otherwise confined on all or part of three sides, additional maneuvering clearances shall be provided as shown in pictures here-under.

Clear Floor Space in AlcovesAdditional Maneuvering Clearances for Alcoves Surfaces for Wheelchair Spaces
Clear floor or ground spaces for wheelchairs shall comply with 4.5.

4.2.5* Forward Reach
If the clear floor space only allows forward approach to an object, the maximum high forward reach allowed shall be 48 in (1220 mm).

Forward ReachHigh Forward Reach Limit

The minimum low forward reach is 15 in (380 mm). If the high forward reach is over an obstruction, reach and clearances shall be as shown in here-under.

Maximum Forward Reach over an Obstruction

4.2.6* Side Reach
If the clear floor space allows parallel approach by a person in a wheelchair, the maximum high side reach allowed shall be 54 in (1370 mm) and the low side reach shall be no less than 9 in (230 mm) above the floor.

Side ReachClear Floor Space Parallel ApproachHigh and Low Side Reach Limits

If the side reach is over an obstruction, the reach and clearances shall be see here-under.

Side Reach over an Obstruction